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Jewelry 4 Jewels

Posted by Sharonda Jones on

Every girl should have the opportunity to accessorize herself and not only feel pretty on the outside, but be pretty on the inside too.”

Jewelry 4 Jewels is an organization that wants to make a difference in the lives of every young girl we are able to reach. If we can help them understand the essence of real beauty on the inside, they will always shine like a diamond on the outside. J4J wants every girl to know that she was made beautiful. When a girl feels beautiful, looks beautiful and presents herself as a beautiful person, she dares to be nothing less than a priceless jewel.

Every girl must know that jewelry and accessories do not reflect the beauty or person that we are on the inside. It only accents the beauty queens we are on the outside. Every jewel must know that it's perfectly okay to feel pretty & look flawless - but what's most important is the person we are and the better person we are striving to be. J4J will not only teach this concept to young girls but will also show them how to shine from the inside out!

Our mission is to teach young girls the real definition of beauty. While blessing each young girl with handmade and fashion jewelry by Deyjah’s Designz, we will also teach them the importance of being respectful, educated, and having good etiquette. For our preteens and teens, we will teach abstinence, coping under peer pressure, and many other challenges our young girls are faced with.

Jewelry 4 Jewels looks forward to doing many activities engaging our Jewels which will also allow them to open up and feel comfortable expressing themselves, love themselves for who they are without being afraid to be different, and cope with different challenges they are faced with by surrounding them with other Jewels who will serve as their supports system and sisters.

Sharonda Jones
Founder of Jewelry 4 Jewels

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